Here at Goin’ TINY, we have a few unique terms that we use regularly, so we thought we’d provide a glossary for those of you who are just beginning to follow along.

Practical Minimalism

Practical Minimalism, in the scope that we use it, refers to the implementation and practice of minimalism as a lifestyle, not just an artistic aesthetic. Simply put, practical minimalism is the act of truly curating your life. It is the art of living with less. And for many, the choice to genuinely love what you have, without being ruled by an ongoing urge to acquire more.



We love to read, and below are some of the great reads that have inspired us, both prior to and during our TINY experiences. Many relate to minimalism and downsizing, others are simply gems, and worth a read.

The Small House Book, Jay Shafer

100 Thing Challenge, Dave Bruno

Blink, Malcolm Gladwell

Blogs, Websites, and Friends

Below are some of the blogs, projects, and people we believe in. We’ve included our side projects since living TINY is only one piece of the fabric that makes up our lives. 

The Minimalists

Be More With Less

BlueVerve Studio

Sensory Magazine

Creative Live

The Cashmere Cape


Other Media

From documentaries that contributed to our interest in living a minimalist lifestyle, to tunes we cherish, below is a list of goodies we’d like to share. Plus, we’ve included a few of our favorite quick zen fixes, for those of you out there sharing small spaces with loved ones. Don’t worry, we feel ya. 😉


Minimalism: Live A Meaningful Life

Soothing Sounds: Peepers Edition