Cooking in a Small Space (Part 1 – Baking)

TINY Kitchen with cookies

Often, I’m asked if and what we cook in our TINY apartment. During a time when many of us eat out often out of convenience, I think it’s a pretty easy assumption that we’d want to avoid the hassle of cooking and dirtying up a comically small kitchen.

And yeah, it can be a hassle when your counter is also your kitchen table, and both are only about 2.5 feet wide, with another 2.5 feet over to the sink and the stove.

But cook, we do. Both of us. And, we rather enjoy it, most of the time.

Andy is our resident, unchallenged breakfast master. Sure, I make a good egg sandwich (which I got him hooked on, months ago, almost regrettably, as that became our go-to staple for the proceeding 8 or so months), and can muster up some tasty eggs benny or the odd hash now and then, but Andy, he works a morning kitchen like a King. From perfectly seasoned and cooked potatoes to his all-time specialty, French toast, his breakfasts are flawless and have started many a morning (and afternoon) here in our TINY home.

I tend to gravitate towards dinner concoctions. Salmon with Moroccan-style seasoning, salads with more accoutrements than greens, anything containing avocado, and cheese — cheese in nearly every shape and size, worked into savory dishes whenever possible. And yes, sometimes, when I’m prepping home-made pesto with basil from our TINY planter garden, or kneading ground beef for meatballs, I wish for elbow room. But, we make do.

Today, however, I did something revolutionary.

Today, I baked cookies.

Not that cookies are uncommon for me. I adore baking. Pies bring me a peace unrivaled by many of life’s other activities. However, our oven is nuclear hot (calibrated incorrectly) and for months, I would purchase chocolate chips meant to make their way into dough (and inevitably my mouth, raw, on a spoon), only to leave them bagged in the cupboard. Then, lovingly, Andy would open them, place them neatly in a small cappuccino cup, and set them on my desk while I worked. We carried on this way through spring and summer… bag after bag, devoured chip by chip, never a cookie made.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Thanks to our good friend, Holly, we’ve found the sweet spot in our oven, and I’ve learned to make peace with the nuclear beast that can cook a frozen pizza in 5 minutes flat at 300 degrees Farenheight.

So tonight, to celebrate the return of autumn, many recent jobs well done, Sweetest Day, and Andy’s decision to sign on with BlueVerve Studio as a second photographer, I’m baking chocolate chips in our sweet small space. Besides, the view from the kitchen is one of the best in the house, and a peaceful place, even if it is a bit crunched.

TINY Kitchen Details

Not bad, for food from a TINY kitchen, eh?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Close Up

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