Andy and Jen

This man.

He listens, loves, and lives in the most beautiful way. He puts up with my shenanigans, supports my dreams, and has patience in spades.

There is literally no one else I’d choose to live TINY with, and no one else I’d prefer to share this adventure with. We’ve been through plenty of highs and lows this past year, but I have more respect for and faith in him and us now than ever before. As we move forward and begin sharing our experience, the most important takeaway I have is that for me, this man makes it all doable.

If you’re not sure of the back story here, Andy and I decided back in February 2017 that we would downsize and attempt our own trial version of tiny living. We went from 1050 square feet to 240 square feet — taking with us 2 cats, music equipment, and a photography studio.

I’m Jen, a professional photographer, and writer, and I’ve already moved many times more than the average person does in a lifetime.

Goin’ TINY is our story. And our tips and tricks for those of you considering downsizing and minimalism at any scale.

Stay tuned while we get our site underway, more updates to come soon…